Introducing new online galleries provided by Pixieset.

It's always great to receive feedback from clients, whether it is positive or negative...I mean who doesn't enjoy hearing good things from their customers?...but I will always take on board any not so good comments too, I am all about listening to & improving my customer's experience after all.

Which brings me to the topic of client online galleries...

A couple of my clients informed me that the quality of images presented in online galleries provided by 3XM Solution was somewhat inferior to the quality they were expecting...this was obviously very concerning to me, so I began looking into their issues.

I found that my customer's are right & the quality concerns were based on viewing online galleries via a mobile device only...after speaking with 3XM Solution, they have confirmed that images are compressed on mobile devices for quicker loading times...oh the joys of today's technology!

For clarity reasons, I always recommend viewing online galleries on a dedicated computer rather than a mobile device, but totally understand the need for the same quality images whilst being mobile friendly...therefore 3XM Solution galleries, although very beautifully presented, no longer fulfil my requirements & customer experience.

I needed to find an alternative solution fast!...after a lot of testing galleries with various systems, I have finally sourced a provider that present dedicated online photo galleries wonderfully & with exceptional quality on both computer & mobile devices...Pixieset.

Perfect for what I need, I am really excited to announce this new collaboration...& delighted that my clients are also extremely happy with the switch.

Your images will now be delivered in a gorgeously displayed private online gallery provided by Pixieset...all galleries will be password protected & available for 12 months, can be shared amongst family & friends, & with instant digital downloads for everyone!