I have recently replaced my rather weighty Nikon DSLR's for a much lighter setup...the Fuji mirrorless X-Trans system.

The Fuji system is a much more compact setup which compliments my documentary style...these mirrorless camera's produce far superior quality images & are pretty much silent.

Plus I absolutely adore the retro-styling & Fuji's gorgeous film simulations!



If you thought the X-E3 was compact, check this little beast out!

The X70 is absolutely tiny...an incredible camera with a very discreet form, & definitely capable with it's 16 megapixels.

The X70 has a fixed 18.5mm/f2.8 prime lens & will most likely have the wide angle conversion lens attached, the perfect combination for those group photo's & wider shots.

If I had to choose just one, it would be the X70 without a doubt...it comes everywhere with me!



The latest addition to my lineup!

A little larger than the X-E3 & X70...the X-T3 is my go to camera & usually has may favourite lens attached...the 23mm/f1.4 prime lens.

The 23mm lens is small, quick & the ideal focal length for me...it is also 35mm equivalent which replicates the good old film days.

The camera has a whopping 26 megapixels & super fast auto focus, which really excels with those low light images.

The perfect tool for weddings.


My very first Fuji camera...the one that converted me!

The X-E3 is a very compact rangefinder style camera...what intrigued me the most is it's great spec in such a small form factor. 

This camera produces some stunning images with it's 24 megapixels, most of the images displayed on this website were taken with this very camera.

Usually paired with either the 35mm/f2 or the 50mm/f2 prime lenses,

perfect for getting closer to the action.