Frequently asked questions

Can one use other drill bits to install a J-Lock?

Yes, there are various drill bits available from your local hardware store which can be used.

How strong is the J-Lock ?

J-Lock is as strong as the door in which it is installed. With the mortize installation and design of the J-Lock, the lock becomes an integral part of the door which makes it very strong.

Is the J-Plate and collar plated ?

No, the brass cover plate and collar is solid brass, The silver plate is stainless steel and the silver collar is solid brass that is nickel plated.

Is the brass coated with a clear lacquer ?

No, the brass products are not coated with a clear lacquer but it can be done on request.

Is the shaft plated against rust ?

Yes, the mild steel shaft is silver plated to ISO standards, but it can also be ordered in stailnless steel

Are there instructions on how to install a J-Lock ?

Yes, with every packaged item there is a detailed instruction sheet, including a template, for ease of installation.